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About Us

fumettoWhat is Osteria? It is a typical restaurant of Veneto, but not a specific, actual restaurant. It is an oasis of peace, where you can gather with your friends and loved ones, and enjoy the delicious food, accompanied by the finest wine.

The idea came up, after visits done around Malta during 2013, on some advice that has been given to us by friends of ours who’s been living on this Island  for quite some time. After finding this fantastic gathering place, that is situated in BIRGU, a small town at the south of Valletta, we took the opportunity  at once, and transferred here in.

March 2014. The professional experience doesn’t miss!! Stefano has worked in the restaurant section as a Chef and Barman for 24 years Thomas, comes from the world of trade, with extensive experience in Human Resources and the creation of the “Spritz”… Veneta typical drink made with  Prosecco, Aperol or Campari Soda. So here we are in BIRGU (Malta)! We are waiting for you to taste our specialties!